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      Prosciutto-Wrapped Pear Slices with Honey


        • Pears
        • Prosciutto
        • Honey


      1) To slice pears, first cut off each end, then slice pears in half, and each half in half again, so that you’re left with 4 pieces.

      2) Stand one piece on its end and slice from top to bottom to remove the middle portion containing the seeds (this will create a flat surface, too). Repeat with each pear piece.

      3) Lay each pear piece on the cutting board vertically, newly cut side down.

      4) Slice pear pieces longways, about 1/4-inch thick.

      5) Wrap each slice in a piece of prosciutto. Plate slices, then drizzle the entire plate with honey.

      (This recipe was acquired from

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