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      “Cheese & Quackers”…For Labor Day!

      Gather your ingredients:

      • 8 ounce Bar (or 2) of Mozzarella Cheese (Or substitute your favorite)
      • Approx ½ pound of Prosciutto from your local deli (Sliced thin)
      • Box of Triscuits (Or any tasty FLAT cracker will do)
      • A couple handfuls of Basil Leaves (I grow this herb in my garden; also, rosemary, thyme, and dill! They smell so good and add the perfect zest to many recipes!)


      Lay out your crackers on a “PRETTY” platter and cut small squares of cheese to fit on top of each cracker.

      Rinse your basil and dry it carefully. I don’t pull it off the plant until I am ready to make my dish, to keep it green and fresh looking. You can refrigerate it for a few hours first if you like. Then, place two (or three if you like) basil leaves in the middle of each piece of your cut out cheese, with the top of the basil stems touching each other and facing out.

      Your prosciutto usually comes in 9 or 10 inch (long) slices by 2 inches wide. You can cut it in half length wise, and in half width wise, to make each piece about 4 and ½ inches long by one inch wide. Now, to start making your design, hold the piece in one hand and start rolling the end from left to right, making a very tight roll for that first full roll, then loosening up and making each roll after that first one, bigger and looser as you keep rolling it around and around until you have used it all.

      All the while, holding the bottom tight with your thumb and first finger of your hand that isn’t doing the rolling, so that it stays skinny (like the stem part of a rose.) Then, fold back and bend the top of each of the rolled sides, like you’re pulling backwards on a rose pedal, but not too far. It should start to turn into the shape of a rose!

      Once finished, place the prosciutto in the middle of your basil leaves and push it down onto the cheese. Repeat this until all your crackers have a rose prosciutto on each one! J

      And that’s all there is to it!

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