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  • @colleen1 Hi Colleen, I am sorry you lost your Easter flowers. I think you are onto something about “buying them.” I will probably head to the store for some lilies and hyacinths to decorate inside for Easter; should be pretty. Being Catholics, we had fish for Friday, St Patrick’s Day, even though the Pope gave “permission” for us to eat…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary, I am Catholics so we did not have meat either. We had our St. Patricks day dinner today. We usually do our celebration on the week-end because of the kids working. We had a really nice dinner. The only thing is I forgot to get the horse radish for the mustard sauce for the corn beef. The girls were upset with me. We have six…[Read more]

  • @colleen1 Hi Colleen, Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m checking email today (Thursday) at almost Midnight! No, we didn’t get any snow to speak of either. The weather is never as “severe” as the news predicts; they get you stirred up for nothing. The return of the freeze just turned all the flowering trees brown–how sad. I hope all is…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary, It is a shame that it has killed some of the flowering trees. So far the ones that we have here seem to be doing okay. We did have our Easter flowers that were starting to bloom and they froze so they are done for this year. That was sad to see that we would not have them on Easter this year. Unless I go and buy some. Are you having a…[Read more]

  • @mgborjas Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for your lovely mail to me, I do appreciate it so much, our dinner last night was good, we just had the left over gammon with mashed potato and green beans, i still had some gammon left over so froze it up for another day, we had rain yesterday and today its lovely outside! the weather sure cannot make up its…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Dear Christine, I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Stewart’s parent’s house to celebrate Oscars B-day. Yes, we’ve moved our clocks ahead already. I believe we are in DST more than we are in normal sun-time! Only one state, Indiana, does not recognize Daylight Savings Time. Funny, huh? No, we do not have pets.…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Christine, I am glad you are having sunny weather. We have returned to winter weather this weekend which is not good for all the flowers and trees that are blooming!! I miss having “normal” seasons, like cold and snow in winter! I will start messaging you on your email if you would like me to. Have a great Sunday.…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for your lovely mail, im sorry I thought you were moving house, I re read your mail and I got it wrong, so sorry about that, Im so pleased you had a lovely birthday, we had those new cut out pedal pushers on our q v c show here last week and the matching tops, i may get the pedal pushers later on, got a lot of things…[Read more]

  • @colleen1 Hi Colleen, I know of The Chew, but have not watched it. I used to LOVE watching Food Network, especially Rachael Ray, but not as much lately. I did have a lovely birthday, thank you! Have a great rest-of-the-weekend! Mary B

    • Hi Mary, Did you get any of the snow we were supposed to get? We did not get enough to even talk about. What little did fall on the ground was melted by afternoon. I like Rachael Ray also she has some good recipes.

  • @carol47 Hi Carol, I hope all is well with you. I live in Missouri and our weather is crazy. It has been especially warm, but this weekend the “bottom is falling out.” It will drop 40degrees and snow! We haven’t had much snow, so I am looking forward to it. Today is my birthday and I’m enjoying doing nothing!! (ha) Take Care, Mary B

  • @colleen1 Colleen, I miss the snow, too! My husband and I are also retired and don’t have to get out if we don’t want to. After a “zillion” years of going to work in all kinds of weather, I certainly do not miss it!!! I did not see the show today, but always open the emails and check out what’s new.
    Thank you for the birthday message. That…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary, It was tough when we would have to get out in the snow and the ice and drive to work. I do not miss it either. You are welcome. Do you ever watch the Chew? That is a good show to get recipes and decorating ideas. They have some good recipes on there just have to cut the ingredients down to keep them from being too much for the two of…[Read more]

  • @mgborjas Happy Birthday! I hope you have a quack tabulous day and all your birthday wishes come true.

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Christine, You sure have been through a lot. I am glad that you are strong and have good people around you. I know too well about family drama! Mine is no different. Blessings to you and Stewart. Mary B

  • @colleen1 Hi Colleen, If I remember right, you live in Missouri too. The weather is supposed to change drastically tomorrow in to Saturday with temperature drops by 40 degrees and some snow. So, yes, CRAZY; it’s the norm! No, I didn’t get the duck t-shirt, but it was cute. I have been spending too much lately, so must “back off.” I hope you…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary, I do live in Missouri. It will be nice to get a little snow. We have not had that much this year. I like the snow guess because we do not have to get out in it unless we want to. We are retired how about you? I know what you mean. It is easy to spend too much on Quacker clothes. Did you see the show today. They had a couple of new tops…[Read more]

  • @colleen1 Hi Colleen, Thank you for your response. I hope that you have been safe from the weather so far. The severe weather is starting early this year. I, too, have trouble passing up the cute quacker items. I love the tops, pedal pushers, shorts and the Dream Jeannes. Take care of yourself. Mary B.

    • Hi Mary, I am like you there is not anything that I do not like about Quacker. Did you get the duck shirt that they had? I bought one and it is really cute. The weather around here has been crazy. I cannot believe that we are having these storms so early. Hope that this is not a sign of how it is going to be all spring and summer.
      Have a good…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi Christine, Thank you for the great update! I would love to visit Wales. You are fortunate to be so close. I have Welsh in my heritage, but have never did any geneology testing to check for who they are. I am sorry to hear about your foot. I know that Skechers are very comfortable for your feet. Also, there is…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you so very much for your mail to me, appreciate it so much, sorry to hear about your mom, she must of been a wonderfull mom to you, I still grieve the loss of old dog charlie, he had to be put to sleep september 2013, we were on holiday at the time in Missouri visiting Colleen and Ron, charlie had cushions disease, he had tablets…[Read more]

  • @colleen1 Hello Colleen. I am certainly not being a good “friend” and I am sorry. I hope all is well with you and that you are loading up on new Quacker clothes. Take Care, Mary B

    • Hi Mary, There is so much going on right now. It seems like there is not enough time in the day. You are a good friend so you do not need to be sorry. I have bought a few new things from Quacker how about you. It is hard not to buy things they have so many cute things.
      Hope that you are well all is well here.

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hello, again, Christine. What kind of weather are you having “across the pond?” (hee-hee) I assume it’s the same everywhere that our climate is crazy. Our winter has been too warm and no snow to speak of. Spring was showing back in February. Take care, Quacker Mary.

    • Hi Mary,
      I hope all is ok with you there, our weather here in the uk, well its been raining on and off since last weekend, yesterday was ok, but today it started to rain on and off around 11am here, we were going to take patch, our 2 yr old springer spaniel dog to the dog park today, but as its wet here today, decided against it!!, stewart is off…[Read more]

  • @carol47 Hi Carol, Thank you for the birthday wish! I really appreciate it. I know I’m not very good at this “social networking” thing, but I believe we are still friends. Do you live in the USA? I live in Missouri. Take good care. Mary B

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Thank you, Christine, for the great birthday message. I hope all is well with you. I have been adding to my Quacker wardrobe this past year.
    How about you? Sincerely, Mary B

    • Hi Mary,
      I buy quacker clothes every now and again if there is something i realy want and must have, i got some quacker dream jean leggings for xmas from my partners parents and i got the velvet criss cross top in green from them for my birthday, my partner stewart bought me the new dog xmas top in december, so wore that xmas day, we have a…[Read more]


  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi Christine, Thank you for the lovely message! It is neat to know that you are in England. My hubby and I had a chance to visit London some years ago and we really loved it. We saw as many sites as we could in just a few days and enjoyed fish-n-chips immensely! I live in the U.S. just outside St. Louis, Missouri.…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for your wonderfull mail to me,
      we went to see colleen leach a few years ago, been there 2013 and 2014, i met her through this site in fact, we mail each other every day, she is now my adopted mom! she lives in missouri too, it was a long flight for us to take, 2 flights we had to take, I’m pleased you enjoyed your trip…[Read more]