• CHRISTINE ANGELA BRAILSFORD wrote on Lori Beth Witt's Wall 1 year, 4 months ago

    Happy birthday Lori for the 5th April, have a blessed and happy day today, and may all your birthday wishes and dreams all come true for you today!

    • Hi Christine:
      Thank you very much for the Birthday greetings. I appreciate this so much. I cannot believe it’s another year. UGH!!! Hoping all is well with you and your family. Take care..stay safe and be well. God’s blessings.

      • Hello Lori, you are more than welcome to the birthday greeting, i know what its like getting another year older, i was 60 last xmas day, and we could not mix with others last xmas, so we spent it on our own, just stewart, our dog patch and me, we would normally go to stewarts parents house xmas day but we just could not mix with others last xmas so stewarts parents gave us the turkey that they bought to cook for us all plus home made goodies, so that made up for some of it, but i was upset though, my dad passed away last April and he made myself and my younger sister executors in hes will and my sister just took over everything and causing me so much trouble, she has made me ill for the past year, ive not long come out of hospital with infected kidney and gall bladder, had to spend 5 days in hospital, which was hard, no visitors because of corona virus, ive had my first shot but waiting on the 2nd one now, probably get it April/may time, we have to wait 12 wks from the 1st shot to the 2nd shot, plus ive been shielding too, allowed out now but have to be so careful who i mix with , im vulnerable they say to getting covid, but i try to stay as positive as i can do, do hope you are ok and your family also, you just take it easy , stay safe thinking of you christine

        • Christine….my gracious you’ve had so much going on in your life. Well I’ll be turning 64 on Monday, April 5th. With Covid it’s kind of difficult to do much. Next Saturday I’ll be getting my 2nd Moderna shot. My sincerest condolences on the loss of your dad last April. It’s never easy losing a parent. My mom passed in 2005 and my dad 2008. I still cannot believe it’s been so long since they passed. I miss them every single day. I talk to them every day. 🙂 Christine having a positive outlook is a huge help. I retired last June 30 after 43 years with Federal Government. While Covid prevented me from doing things; I’ve learned to adapt and am grateful for every day I wake up and am okay. Give the glory to God. I’m a subscriber to Broadway in Boston (theatre) and it looks like we may be returning to the theatre this November. I love seeing Broadway shows locally. You just take care of yourself. Have a blessed Easter. Hugs and blessings.

          • Hello Lori,
            Thank you so much for your mail and all the nice things you say, I wish you a very happy birthday for Monday, im 61 this xmas day, so you are getting your 2nd shot next week, I will get my 2nd shot maybe this month or May, we have them 12 wks apart here, i had the astra zeneca one, i had mine before my partner as im vulnerable and have illnesses, we live in England , its turning quiet spring like now, cannot believe its easter weekend, we did pop over to stewarts parents house this afternoon just to give them thier easter card and eggs we got them, stood on the doorstep, not allowed into others homes here just yet, not until 17th May at the earliest! but you get people breaking the rules though, we always abide by rules ourselves, they are there for a reason, happy retirement too to you, sorry about your mum and dad passing away, i miss my dad terribly, i phoned him twice a week and text, it was hard not making him an easter card, i plan to get a david austin rose and plant in hes memory, will plant it in a pot and put it on the patio in the back garden, that way i will be able to see it every day, my step dad died last october and my mum gave us hes car , which is a big help to us, as our old car was old, over 15 yrs old, and this car is cheaper to tax and insure too, i ordered a mattress topper for our bed, as i was getting so uncomfortable in bed, woke up with severe back ache each morning, i do have arthritis in my lower back so ordered this mattress topper from QVC, ive had the most wonderfull sleep these past 2 days since putting it on the bed, its like sleeping on a cloud! no backache first thing in the morning, i love it, I live in quacker factory clothes too, i always wear dream jeans and quacker tops, I recently ordered the quacker factory top with peony flowers on it, i have the tulip one , i want to get the hydrangea one but its out of stock right now in my size, i also ordered the yellow short sleeved chicken top, i love yellow colour as its sunshine, and a happy colour, i try to stay as positive as i can, i got an hearing test on Thursday, i wear hearing aids in both ears, ive had hearing problems since birth, ive had 8 surgeries on my ears and im lost without my hearing aids, i need new hearing aids now, had these ones for over 12 yrs! i have to book up an eye test too, i have a problem with my left eye, ive been under Moorfields eye hospital in london for the last year, i an supposed to go for injections in my left eye each month, but because of the covid 19 virus ive not been able to go since last November, im supposed to go next Friday the 9th April, but im going to call them to say im not going anymore, its too far to travel there from here, and we have the problem with our dog, stewarts parents used to have him while i had the appointment in london but they have a rescue dog that has growled at stewarts mother and shown its teeth to her, and i cannot risk that dog with patch, so im going to ask my dr if they can refere me to somewhere nearer to where i live, ive also recently spent five days and nights in hospital, i have an inflamed gallbladder and kidney, and i have only one kidney too and its the wrong shape so prone to kidney infections, i have asthma too and ibs, arthritis i try to do what i can here, i reputed some sweetpea plants today, i grew them from seed myself, so im will wait for around 3 wks then plant them out in the garden, i love gardening, and nature, i feed the birds, i have 2 Bird feeding stations outside in my front garden, and love to watch the birds feeding, i miss goign to wales every year like we used to , my dad lived there and we used to hire out a lodge every May and take patch with us, that gave us the chance to go see my dad and he would come to the lodge too, not been for 2 yrs because of the virus, they say holidays will be off for us this year here, I hope to go and visit my friend in Missouri next year all being well , and we are allowed to travel and we have our 2nd shots, life will never be the same with this virus, but we all do our best that we can, hope you are ok there today, suns shining here now, its just gone 5pm, we have sausages, mashed potatoes and baked beans for our dinner tonight, we got beef tomorrow, i love to cook it in the slow cooker , will do roast potatoes, veggies, Yorkshire puddings, gravy with it too, anyway you take care , stay safe and happy birthday to you for Monday, will be thinking of you, love ,hugs and blessings Christine x