• CHRISTINE ANGELA BRAILSFORD wrote on Patrick H. Hoy's Wall 1 year, 5 months ago

    Happy birthday to you Patrick for the 13th December, hope you have the most wonderfull birthday ever, and are able to celebrate your big day!, I do hope you are ok there and are safe, you make sure you are spoilt on your special day like you should be! big birthday hugs to you Christine

    • Thank you so much my friend!! And I hope YOUR birthday was a wonderful one as well – and that you enjoyed that yummy M&S turkey on Christmas!!!!! Happy New Year to you my friend!!!!! 🙂

      • Hi Patrick, thank you so much for your message to me, I do appriciate that, i had an abscess on my gums a few weeks ago and was on antibiotics and had to have a tooth out, was realy bad with it too, then we had xmas, our M and S turkey was lovely, first time i had to cook xmas dinner in 14 yrs, we usually go to Stewarts parents xmas day but because we are in tier 4 now we could not mix with any other household , so made the best of it, then monday the 28th Dec i had bad pains in my kidney and it got worse, i was throwing up, stewart had to call the ambulance, they sent a paramedic here in a car and he gave me gas and air and called for the ambulance, we waited several hours and it arrived, got to hospital and i had to wait in that ambulance for an hour or so, a nurse came into the ambulance and took blood from me, then i was allowed into the hospital, they gave me pain relief and iv antibiotics as the blood test showed infection, they did a scan and found ive got kidney stones! they hope they will pass on thier own, they gave me tablets to help the pass , and ive got antibiotics, i just keep going the best that i can, it was hard being the first xmas without my dad here too, he always phoned me xmas morning to wish me happy xmas and birthday, but i know hes ok where he is, xmas morning i went out in the garden, looked up and said happy xmas dad, and it started to snow, what a sighn that was from my dad, it made my day, i got some quacker factory tops, the butterfly motif one and the grey embroidered flowers one, stewarts parents bought me those, and i got dream jeans too, and skin care, i hope you and Sj are keeping safe and have an enjoyable new year, be nice once this nasty virus is gone forever, its good they got the vaccine, guess i will be offered it sometime as ive got illnesses like asthma , kidney problems, well happy new year here’s to a better year for all of us, christine

        • Oh gosh – I am so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this – especially with this virus stuff going on! I’m glad though that they were able to diagnose you quickly and let you know that you have kidney stones. I know those are NOT fun – but I’m praying they pass quickly – and painlessly. I’m glad the M&S turkey turned out well – congrats on doing such a great job with that my friend!!!!! Please stay safe – and look after yourself. Let’s hope this virus is under control soon!!!!!!! xxx

          • Hi Patrick,
            Thank you so much for your mail to me, appriciate it, I hope you and SJ are both keeping well, im not too bad now, im still in a bit of pain with the kidney stones, but take the pills and pain killers every day, its bitter cold today, had my boiler and heating system serviced today , so thats all ok and working as it should ! Stewart cannot work right now as airport shops closed, so hes off until he hears he can go back to work, ive had a letter from the government telling me to shield, and to stay home, Stewart can go get the shopping, hes good at shopping, i do give him a list but he always comes home with things not on the list and tells me it was a bargain! lol, Stewart had hes flu shot today, I booked him in at Boots the chemist in town here, so at least hes protected now, I had my flu shot back in November, they say I should get my covid 19 vaccine by middle of February, Im going to have to cancel my Moorfields Hospital eye appointment for the 22nd January , as london has the virus realy bad, plus im supposed to be shielding now and not use public transport, we were lucky enough to inherit my step fathers car, its a Skoda , its a good car, only £20 a year to tax it too, much cheaper than our other car which was over £200 a year to tax that, that was good of my step dad to leave us that car in hes will, I just wish this virus would go away, its affected everything , but we just have to get on with life the best we can and be there for each other, you take care and stay safe christine xx

            • I’m glad that both you and Stewart both have had your flu vaccines now – SJ and I have as well – it’s even more important this year than in years past to have an up to date flu shot here in the UK. 🙂 Sorry you have to cancel your eye appointment – but I think that’s the safest thing at the moment – especially since East London – where Moorfields Eye Hospital is – has very HIGH virus numbers at the moment. We live near there and we’re doing all we can to stay inside as much as possible at this point. Congrats on the new car – that was really nice of your father – and those are quite reliable cars!!!!! Stay safe my friend – and hope you have a wonderful & blessed start to your week!! xxx