• CHRISTINE ANGELA BRAILSFORD wrote on Tiago R's Wall 3 years, 8 months ago

    @tiago-r Happy birthday to you Tiago for the 21st January, have a quacker of a birthday today!quack, quack! and I hope that all your quacker birthday wishes and dreams all come true for you today!! quack, quack!!

    • Thank you Christine.

      • Hi Tiago, you are more than welcome to the birthday greeting, do hope you had a lovely birthday and got very spoilt like you should be! and you enjoyed your special day, take care keep warm ! its freezing cold here in England at the moment, im keeping warm wearing my quaker dream jeans and warm fleece top, the polka dot one, i have 2 of them, the black one and the violet, purple one, the only 2 colours they ever did them in here, but they are so cosy and warm, love them, love all things quacker! the clothes always make me feel so much happier, even on days when im in a lot of pain, take care christine

        • Hey Christine, I did, my wife spoiled me a lot. Sorry to hear that its freezing cold in England but glad you are staying warm with Quacker Clothes 🙂 – So happy you love Quacker Clothes, Jeanne would love you. Take care and stay warm, Best Regards Tiago

          • Hello there Tiago,
            Thank you so much for your mail to me, appreciate it so much, im so pleased you enjoyed your birthday and got spoilt like you should be!! its still very cold here in England, we had our first bit of snow a few nights ago, not much though, but this morning it was very frosty, I could not even open up my recycling bin to put some items in there, had to wait several hours untill I could though! guess you are keeping warm there, Im wearing another one of my quacker polka dot fleece tops today with my dream jeans, all I wear is quacker to be honest with you, the clothes are so comfy and last and last and wash up so well, I bought the wine coloured bell top the other week with sunflowers on it, love it, so different from other quacker tops, I got 2 quacker tops and 2 pairs of embellished pocket jeans for xmas and my birthday, birthday xmas day!! so i get very spoilt too on my birthday, been trying to get a drs appointment all week, had some blood work done a few weeks ago and on the drs website it says all abnormal to see dr, but its so hard to get to see the dr here, ive tried lots of times in a day to look on the drs website for an appointment, not done much today, its not the weather to go outside to do anything, just did laundry and watched tv , going to cook cornish pasties tonight with potatoe wedges, will eat around 9pm as my partner finishes work around 8pm and gets home around 8.45pm, he works at our local airport here Stansted airport, they call it London Stansted airport, although its nowhere near london!! he works in the duty free shop, hes a whiskey and wine specialist, he works 11am-8pm four days on and then gets 2 days off, hes next 2 days off are Saturday and Sunday this week, so we do our shopping on hes first day off, he does not realy like shopping, but if he does not come with me, he does not eat!! lol, he cooks on hes days off, gives me a break from cooking, although i do like cooking, we have a four year old dog, a springer spaniel dog, black and white called Patch, he can be a rascal at times though, i train him around 3 timer per day, would not be without him, hope you are ok there today and you take care now christine