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    • I guess that I am a little late on this one..haha Thank you from me a year ago…..Sorry, I just didn’t realize that this was here. I really appreciate this….Nancy Quack Quack (I just ordered and received a pink, Halloween shirt with a scary scene on the front…I love it….)

      • Hi Nancy, thank you so much for your mail tome, you are more than welcome to the birthday greeting, its ok about being late from last years birthday greeting, at least you have mailed me, not all people mail to thank me, although i do the birthdays each day, just a habit, i want to wish all quackers a happy birthday, hope yours was a good birthday or if you have not had it yet, hope its a good one, i tend to do the birthdays in advance as they come on the list, so im advanced realy, i hope you are ok there, ive had to have a bone scan on my foot, had a problem with my right foot on the heel over a year and a half now, had 2 steroid injection in it, had physio therapy, nothing has helped so far, had insoles too, no help, the only footwear i can wear are sketchers trainers, as they got the microfibre insoles in them, i phoned for a follow up appointment from my bone scan i had last friday and they cannot see me untill 30th december!!, just have to cope untill then, im going to the podiatrist on the 26th, but cannot see them doing much good for me to be honest, i cannot take patch my springer spaniel 21 month old puppy out for walks, my partner takes him out, i do play with him the best i can and train him up too, you take care my friend and that halloween shirt sounds wonderfull, im in england, dont have many halloween shirts here, they are doing one for the first time this year on quacker factory, wish we had the things you have there in the usa, you have way more things there than we do here, i love the dream jeans and tops they do, but tend to get tops on clearance if i can do that, but the jeans i always pay full price for, well worth it they are, but i have to cut the bottoms and take them up, im only just over 5 ft tall and they are so long in the length! hugs to you christine

        • I will say a prayer for your health problems. Sounds like you have problems-hope you find a good doctor who really cares. I did see that you are going to have a QVC UK show soon. Their Halloween items here are really cute this year. Take good care, Nancy

          • Hi Nancy, thank you so much for your mail to me, yes i do have health problems , i was born with one kidney and its the wrong shape, had a kidney infection and uti for the past month, had 2 lots of antibiotics and its not fully gone now, so hard to get in to see a dr here, but i just carry on best i can, my foot is realy sore today, but i have to be on my feet, got things to do and patch our springer spaniel puppy to look after, just changed his food now, hes so sensitive in hes tummy, ive found one that seems to suit him now wainwrights, its grain free and natural, i wont give him any old rubbish food, rather pay the extra and get food that will do him good and wont hurt hes tummy, i did laundry today and cleaned up the house, my partner stewart was on the early shift today at work, same tomorrow and sunday 4am-12.15pm, he works at our local airport in the duty free shop there, hes a whiskey and wine specialist, hope you are not too bad, we had a quacker show today, i recorded it as stewart just got home when it started, will watch it back tomorrow, think he had a few new xmas tops this time around, anyway best go and get the dinner on, having boil in the bag fish tonight with potatoe waffles and tinned tomatoes, our strictly come dancing is on tomorrow night, love that show, did go to the filming of it 2 yrs ago, it is done very well, its lens last year as head judge here this year, hes still doing your dancing with the stars though, you take care hope your birthday went well for you too, hugs to you my friend christine ps appreciate your prayers, will pray for you also