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  • Hey Gail
    Please read my post to Colleen for the current info.
    JJ got another part last night at practice, so he has 2 roles now. Nobody knows what the second one is….LOL LOL
    Nobody knows the date of the show either- how funny is that?
    Do you have any pics form Lachlan’s show last night? Does jenny have any on facebook- if she does, I will…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    I am so happy your Mom is good. Still praying to make sure she continues to improve. I know you must be worried about her, every day. So hard when our moms get old and things go wrong.
    Last night was not easy. Gary was in and out of the bathroom a lot, and neither of us got a lot of sleep. I am very tired, and sore. Touch night…[Read more]

  • Hey Colleen

    Guess who is home??????? He is in the shower disinfecting himself from the hospital stay….LOL They took 4 meds away, and gave him one back, with a much lesser dose. Heather is picking it up at the drug store for us, on her way back.
    He looks kind of weak. Doe snot walk well. I know that is from the lack of movement in the…[Read more]

  • Hey Gail
    Gary is on the mend, but they are saying he will be there until Thursday. They are working on changing meds. they say some of the heart meds make the blood pressure go lower, and he does not have high blood pressure. I do…..LOL
    I know for sure stress does a number on all of us. When I had the diverticulitis, I never ate what I was…[Read more]

  • Hey Sue!
    Our weather has been a lot better too. I even had the back door screen down today, with the awning out, until the wind picked up. Then, I had to shut the windows and door, as the sea breeze was quite chilly.
    There are a lot of insurance providers that have huge co-pays for testing. I had wanted to switch my insurance, and my doctor…[Read more]

  • Hey DD
    The lettuce I have is iceberg, so that was not it. Unless they say at a later time it is the iceberg too.
    You would laugh….I had water, OJ, tea, and a frozen fruit bar, all before noontime.
    I hope you do get some good news from your heart doctor. This just stinks. I hate that the insurance companies dictate what is and is not good for…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    Yes, the hospital doctor said it was the clams. the weird thing is, he had no vomiting or diarrhea before the fall in the bathroom. The diarrhea started in the ER. I think that is why they said he was already dehydrated. I bet that did not help at all. I feel the same way, I think because he was already compromised, it happened.…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    Read my post to Dd for the current info of the day.
    I am really pooped, as i was in the bathroom all night. All I ate yesterday was my half bagel, with cream cheese, and an egg, with coffee and OJ. Last night I had a salad with a tomato, iceberg lettuce, slices of ham, and some grated parm cheese, with vinaigrette dressing. nothing…[Read more]

  • Hi DD
    Well, the stress got to me, and I was in the bathroom all night long. did not get too much sleep. Better this morning. just tired from lack of sleep.
    I can’t imagine Bobby being nasty to them, as they are his go to place, when he does not like what I have for dinner….which is about 3 times a week….LOL he knows the old owner, new…[Read more]

  • Hey DD
    The doctor told Gary his kidney is fine- no more damage. That is all I really care about. he can’t afford to lose any more, as that one is the only one working, and it works at 75%. So, we are good. thank God.
    He also said they did say he was slightly dehydrated, so the man needs to drink, no matter what. i am hoping this scared him…[Read more]

  • OMG , girls
    You will not believe this one!
    Marissa went in to see him, and while there the doctor came in, and said they re-tested the stool sample, as it sometimes takes more time, and he has salmonella poisoning from the clams he had Thursday night.
    Marissa said I need to apologize. i do not feel like apologizing…..LOL

    PS…..I hope…[Read more]

  • Hello fellow Quackers

    Well, you will not believe this one. After a few calls back and forth from Gary this morning, I get this one. He says that all tests came back negative, and they are finishing the antibiotics they started yesterday. He then tells me they feel it was the fluid pills he takes ( he only takes them 2 to 3 times a week, and is…[Read more]

  • OMG, Sue!!!!
    You are not insensitive. I needed that chuckle last night. Don’t ever feel that way. We never know any day what is happening, until we post.
    I need all your prayers, and funny stories. We need prayers and laughter, every day.
    Love you, Sue!!!!

  • Hey Sue…I needed that laugh.
    I think God is having me pay for the sun today. I will never complain about the rain or snow again….please remind me of this….LOL

  • hey Colleen, and everyone

    A bad day that began at 4:00 am. I woke to a horrific noise, which was Gary falling in the bathroom, and unconscious. It took a few yells for him to answer me- he was wedged between the toilet and bathroom wall. He was disoriented and thought he was in bed. A few more words, and he went out again. I dialed 911, and…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    I am glad your Mom does not have a retina bleed. How did she lose her sight in the one eye? It is awful when someone loses their sight at their ages. They do not have a lot to look forward to in their 90’s, and losing sight stops them from reading and watching TV.
    I told Gary to do the arm exercises he did at cardio rehab, so they…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster!
    So, did I tell you all I have an awful UTI???? I kept going to the bathroom, and it was hurting more and more yesterday. After everyone left, I called the after hours line and begged for an antibiotic, as there was no way I was going to take a shower, and go to the ER, with a huge co-pay, and then by the time I was done, no CVS…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    Just a heads up on your Mom’s eyes…… please make sure she did not have a retina bleed, like Tillie did. They thought Tillie had a stroke the night we went to the ER, because these retina bleeds are common with a stroke. Have her cover one eye, and see if she has any black spots she cannot see out of. If, so get her to the ER, so…[Read more]

  • Hi Dd
    Gary went to the cardiac rehab yesterday. He spoke with the nutritionist first. He told her what I have been doing to him, and she said to keep it up….LOL
    He had a hard time with the exercises- not doing them, when he came home. They keep checking you heart rate, blood pressure, etc, while you move. he did fine with all of that. But,…[Read more]

  • Hey Barbara
    Glad Jerry is feeling better, and I hope he remembers it is just one wrong move, to get him right back there again. The guys just do not get that. I know they want to feel needed, and helpful, but, we are all getting older.
    Also good to hear the patients are recovering. these flu’s have been awful this year. There is another one…[Read more]

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