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    This adorable goody filled pumpkin was created by our good friend Cathy Lazarczyk. Not only is this centerpiece adorable, it is also edible!! Perfect for fall or Halloween parties! Enjoy— Angel


    You will need:

    • One medium to large fresh pumpkin (not foam craft pumpkin)
    • One black sharpie pen
    • 25 – 35 skewers or kabob sticks
    • 3-4 oranges
    • 1 lb. red grapes
    • 1 lb. green grapes
    • 25 – 35 strawberries or blueberries or raspberries or mini marshmallows
    • Ribbon (thin in width)
    • Serving plate

    Get Ready…GO!

    Step 1: Wash the pumpkin and dry thoroughly.

    Step 2: Draw face on front of pumpkin. DO NOT cut off top of pumpkin.

    Step 3: Poke holes in top and along the side of the pumpkin (as a hairline) approximately 2 inches apart.

    HINT: use a long nail and hammer to pre-poke holes for skewers.

    Step 4: Fill skewers alternating with an orange slice first at the base, a grape and then the ribbon/bow – this will give you a spacer to grasp skewer from pumpkin when removing.

    Follow with more grapes until you reach the top of skewer –then cap off with your choice of berries or marshmallows. Arrange skewers in the pre-poked holes beginning in the center and working out.

    5) When completed, place the pumpkin on a serving plate and you are ready for a nice centerpiece or conversation piece at your next harvest party.

    ~ Cathy

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